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Small Group Leadership Development

Nine Reasons Why Small Groups Usually Fail - PDF

There has never been a greater need for equiping leaders to make an impact on the lives of people who are missing out on the best life that God is offering. As leaders go, so goes the ministry. It takes time and intential effort to equip leaders who can have dramatic impact on our broken world. It took Jesus three and a half years to prepare the disciples to provide leadership for the first church.

There are two key issues in developing a "leadership multiplying environment."

First there must be those who have a heart to be trained and equipped. These people must be willing to make fewer and finer commitments. They must be hungry to learn and grow in the faith and in their leadership abilities.

Secondly, pastors must be willing to invest precious time in training and equipping. Ephesians 4 makes it clear that pastors are to equip the saints for the work of service. However, many pastors are busy doing so many other things, that this priority of equipping leaders often falls by the wayside. Like a marriage, there has to be a commitment from both parties. Pastors must be willing to equip, and lay leaders must be willing to be equipped.

Finding the sweet spot of enough leadership training/equipping meetings to support those in leadership, while avoiding so many meetings that it gets in the way of doing ministry. We are seeking the tipping point of balance between equipping for ministry and releasing to do ministry.

We have weekly, ongoing leadership training. We call these classes "LIFEoutfitters." Because many of our leaders have young families, we have chosen to provide this class on Sunday mornings, during the typical adult Sunday school class time. The children are being taken care of in our children's ministry while the adults are being equipped to lead a Small Group during the week.

LIFEoutfitters is where we build ministry teams. Every team is committed to discipling the team members as they disciple those in their groups. The content of the teaching in LIFEoutfitters represents the genetic code of ministry skill training in our church.

By having common leadership skill content, we can be confident that all of our leaders are on the same page in our philosophy of ministry, so that when a leader moves from one ministry to another (children to youth, single to marriage), they will already possess the common leadership foundation for ministry with the new team. Every ministry in our church will function with the same leadership DNA. Every ministry will make disciples of Christ, teams of healthy leaders who will carry out the ministry, no matter what the particular focus or age group being reached.

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